Kick IT! Smoking Cessation Program

Refer your patients and clients to the first ever mobile self-directed smoking cessation program
Created by pysychologist Mike Klaybor, this program provides information on smoking cessation, and use engaging homework, exercises and podcasts to help you quit.

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what is this microlearning course about?

This course is a self-directed learning experience that answers questions like “Am I ready to quit?” “What should I do if I have a craving for nicotine?” “Should I use a patch or nicotine gum?” Taking this course walks you through a systematic path to smoking cessation.


what will you take away?
  • Understand your readiness to quit
  • Identify your own personal reasons for quitting
  • Define your personal motivators and reasons for quitting.
  • Provide you with mini podcasts to help you through difficult issues.

Visit the course center, learn more, and get started!