Managing Emotional Concerns During COVID-19

During the pandemic, fear, worry, doubt, stress and anxiety is rampant. Join us for some reassurance and ways you might focus to gain a sense of internal control and calm yourself.

We are experiencing a unique disaster, socially isolated from one another, experiencing sensory deprivation. Separated from our friends and family, prevented from engaging from ordinary activities we take for granted. Some of us have to work despite the fact that we are all potential victims of the virus. We are in the grips of an overwhelming uncertainty: we don’t know when the situation will end, nor what the world will look like when social distancing comes to an end. All of this makes coping with Covid-19 exceptionally difficult.


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what is this microlearning course about?

This course will teach learners to understand the unique emotional challenges presented by the global Covid-19 pandemic. You will learn to manage your anxiety and stress as you experience social distancing, quarantine or continue to work in a vital capacity despite the danger of infection.
who is this course designed for?

This pandemic is by definition a universal event. Anyone can benefit from this program curated by two mental health professionals with extensive expertise in stress management and critical event management. So whether you are furloughed, telecommuting, have lost your job or fighting on the front lines as a health care professional, first responder or Amazon delivery person, this program is for you.

what will you take away?
Understand the unique emotional dimension of the Covid-19 pandemic Examine the physiology of distress Learn the causes and symptoms of Covid induced stress Get ideas for managing negative emotion during the pandemic Get answers to the universal questions we have because we are all affected by this worldwide crisis

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