Expand Your Clinical Revenue Stream with EAP Referrals

Whether you are looking to become an affiliate EAP provider or already are, this presentation aims to provide an introductory look at Employee assistance programs (EAP) and employee assistance (EA)

This program will describe the component services provided by typical EAPs, and the unique relationship between:

  • EAPs and the workplace
  • EAPs and human resources
  • EAPs and employees

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what is this microlearning course about?

This course will discuss foundational EA principles, such as the dual client allegiance.

It will also provide a list of resources so you can further your knowledge of the field and join affiliate provider networks to get referrals and grow this part of your business.

what will you take away?

Participants will gather tangible action steps to learn how to navigate the EAP landscape, the priority of actions, and an clear picture on how to achieve your desired result.

Visit the course center, learn more, and get started!